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Are You Facebook™ ADS Ready?

Are You Facebook™ ADS Ready?

Are You Facebook™ ADS Ready?

You’ve been building an online presence.  You’ve worked out an offer.  You’ve been working tirelessly to build a Facebook™ community.  You’re ready for your business to take off!

You’ve seen countless FB ads running for all sorts of online coaches, consultants, and course creators. You’ve thought about it for your business but have no idea if THIS is the right time for you.  

So, how do you know if you’re ADS READY?

Facebook™ ads are an investment in your business. In fact, if you want to grow and have an ultra-successful online business, odds are high you’re going to be doing that with ads. But you don’t want to be throwing money away if it’s not the right time for you. 

Here are the top three questions you need clear answers to, to be ADS READY..

1. Who are you speaking to?



You HAVE to hone in very specifically to who you want to work with and whose problems you’re going to solve with your offer.

Unfortunatey, you can’t be all things to all people.

And you can’t coach anyone and everyone who needs help. Knowing details of that ideal client makes it easier to connect with them. You have to know HOW to speak to your audience before you even know WHAT to say.

2. What does your offer look like?

The specific problems you’re going to solve.

Clear messaging about your offer.

It’s important that when you figure out WHO you’re speaking to, you’re consistently building trust around your offer.

You want people to think of you first as the EXPERT, the one who will provide the answers. Of all of the online experts, it’s YOU that’s top of mind.

Additionally, you want to be able to clearly state, “I will help you achieve XYZ.”  You need confidence in that statement and clarity in exactly what you’re going to help them achieve – a specific solution to their problem.

3. I’m ready for business growth, but how much do I have to spend?

Fear of failure often takes over here. With thoughts of not making enough money to be able to spend that kind of money.

There’s just no getting around it. You HAVE to get comfortable spending money, knowing you may not make it back initially.

You can’t be in a high pressure situation where it’s either Facebook™ ads or food on the table. That won’t work. You have to have the ability and the willingness to invest in your business growth. But if your avatar is nailed down and you have a solid offer to provide to your clients, the money spent onFacebook™ ads is absolutely going to make sense.  

If you look at the 3 factors in considering whether or not you’re ADS READY, one of two things should surface:  You have it all nailed down AND are ready to make the commitment to ad spend… OR   …there’s an area that you have to dive deeper into so you can be ADS READY.  Waiting too long can cost you an intense amount of time and energy, as well as continued frustration over business stagnation. If you want to see massive business growth, nail down your audience with a stellar offer and be ready to promote your business!

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