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10 Lead Magnets You Should Be Creating To Grow Your Email List

10 Lead Magnets You Should Be Creating To Grow Your Email List

10 Lead Magnets You Should Be Creating To Grow Your Email List

Using Lead Magnets To Grow Your Email List

Lead magnets can move an individual from lead to paying customer quickly and easily.

The idea is to get the email address of the lead with a lead magnet so you can add them to your email list.

Once on your list, you can then nurture your relationship through emails, and ultimately convert the lead into a paying customer.

This all to say, lead magnets are extremely beneficial to your online course or program.

Not sure what type of lead magnet to create? Here are 10 ideas for lead magnets you should be creating that will help grow your email list:

1. Challenge

A challenge is a good way to prequalify your leads to make sure they would be interested in your offer.

If the lead completes the challenge, his or her commitment and interest can help turn the lead into a paying customer.

You want your challenge to produce a result that provides quick value to your lead if he or she completes each step of the challenge.

You can decide on the timeframe needed to complete your challenge.

Some of the most popular timeframes range from 5 days to 30 days. 

2. Quiz

A quiz is a fun and easy way to encourage leads to opt-in for your email list. You will put together a quiz that asks a series of questions. The answers will lead to a variety of results that best fit the lead. Based on the lead’s answers, they will get a result from the quiz that offers insight. 

 3. Case Study

Give your lead a success story through a case study document.

A good case study will present your client’s problem. It will then guide the lead through the story of how you helped solve the problem.

This is a great lead magnet to give potential leads the extra nudge they may need to become a paying client.  

4. Webinar

Encourage your target audience to signup for a webinar that allows them to watch a video where you take them through a training.

Webinars promote urgency which can be beneficial to getting people to subscribe to your email list. It will also enhance the chance of the lead tuning in for your webinar.

You can host the first webinar live, record the training and then schedule the webinar to play at various times after a lead submits his or her email address.


5. Ebook

Ebooks can be harder to convert because of the document length but they can also be highly beneficial if designed correctly.

For your Ebook to be beneficial, you will need a strong benefit that encourages a lead to subscribe for the Ebook. 

Think about why a lead would want to read your Ebook and make sure you are incorporating that value into your messaging. 


6. Free Consultation

If you have a service-based business, you can offer a free consultation as your lead magnet.

This consultation may have a specific timeframe (such as 15 to 30 minutes) and offer your lead the opportunity to speak with you about his or her problem.

 As a result, you will listen and offer a solution to his or her problem based on the service you provide.

Free consultations can have high conversion rates if you attract the right leads and prequalify your leads before the call.

Here’s an example of my own free consultation lead magnet.


7. Checklist

It’s such a great feeling to checkoff a list knowing that something is complete, isn’t it?

A checklist offers your leads a way to track their progress for a problem they are facing.

This type of lead magnet is easily consumed. It also offers the lead everything they need to know to solve his or her problem in a simple, easy-to-read list.  


8. Swipe File

This type of lead magnet offers your lead magnet instant value in the form of a tangible resource.

The purpose of the swipe file is to give your lead value he or she can instantly implement for the problem that relates to your offer.

Once the lead sees that the resource in the swipe file helps solve his or her problem, the lead will come back for more and hopefully, to purchase your paid offer


9. Toolkit

Your lead will be curious about what you, the expert, use for your business.

Give your lead a “sneak peek” into how your business operates by offering a toolkit. Your toolkit should be complete with the products and resources you use to benefit your business.

Think about tools that would be useful and helpful for your leads when creating your toolkit. 


10. Resource List

Make a document that lists all of the resources that help your lead and drives them closer to becoming a client.

This could be:

  • a list of your favorite natural snack foods if you’re a health coach
  • a list of social media post ideas if you are a digital marketer
  • etc

The idea is that this list will help your lead solve a small problem but not all of his or her problems so there is still a reason for the lead to purchase your produce or service. 

Which lead magnet are you going to create for your business? I would love to hear!

Need Help With Creating a Lead Magnet? 

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