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Why is the Facebook Pixel Important?

by | Oct 6, 2020 | FB Ads | 0 comments

Why is the Facebook Pixel Important?

Have you heard the term “Facebook Pixel?” If you have, you may or may not know what that term actually means. I’m going to demystify the term and tell you why it’s important for your business. 

When you set up a website, you can install pieces of code to trigger different actions. You may do this if you created a DIY website or your web designer may have taken care of the code installations for you.

One important piece of code you need to make sure is installed on your website is the Facebook Pixel. 


What is the Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool installed on your website in the form of a piece of code.

It measures the effectiveness of your Facebook ads by understanding the actions website visitors take on your website.

You can use the Facebook Pixel to make sure the right people see your Facebook ads, to help drive more sales on your website, and to measure the results of your Facebook ads

When the Pixel is installed and activated, it will trigger when people who visit your website take a certain action.

Then, you can set up events under your Facebook Ads Manager. The events are specific actions that you can measure in your Facebook Ads Manager.

These event options include purchase, add to cart, complete registration and more. 


How does it work with Facebook ads?

Whenever the Pixel triggers, Facebook Ads Manager gathers that data.

Once you install it, you can create a custom audience.

This is done in your Facebook Ads Manager and consists of your website traffic.

With the Pixel and a custom audience for your website traffic, you can retarget your website traffic audience with Facebook ads.

For more information about how to retarget an audience, read my previous blog: What it Actually Means to Retarget Your Audience with Facebook Ads.

Then only people who have either visited your website or taken a specific action on it will see your ads.


Should I install it if I am not running Facebook ads?

Yes! The Facebook Pixel is free to install and a great analytical tool.

Even though you are not planning on running Facebook ads right now, that could change in the future.

Why not have that data recorded, stored and ready to use when you want to run ads?

Data shows that the cost to target an audience captured by the Pixel is more lower than targeting a new audience when running Facebook ads.

So in the long run, you can reduce your ad cost and monitor your website traffic free of charge with the Pixel. 


Do you have the Pixel installed on your website?

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